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Are you uncertain what your investment plan should be?
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Do any of these feelings describe how you feel?



…where to begin?



…on how to run the numbers?



you don’t have anyone to ask for help?



 how to find good deals?



you will lose money?



…getting started?

I helped a young couple…


Eliminate $35,000 of credit card debt buy 6 properties quit their unfulfilling day jobs.


Buy 6 properties.


Quit their unfulfilling day jobs.

All in 15 months

I’ve guided numerous beginners through the process of doing their first real estate deal. I work with investors from California to New Zealand. The best part of my life is helping others build extra sources of income so they can lead a life of their design.

I want to help you design an investment strategy that fits your needs. Below are the different ways we can work together so you can take control of your investments, reduce taxes, accelerate debt paydown and level-up your investing game.

The truth is that every successful person got to where they are by following the advice of someone who went before them.

My name is Paul David Thompson and I’m a full-time real estate investor that no longer depends on a day job. I show busy professionals how they can follow a simple plan to build wealth with real estate.

How I can help

Level-Up Your Life Mastermind

Through your participation in a close-knit group of fellow investors, you will benefit greatly from the education, the experience, and the resources of the other people in the group. With weekly sessions, you’ll build a plan and learn how you can level-up your investments.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Whether you are just getting started or want to take your investments to the next level so you can live a life of significance, being held accountable to the goals will supercharge your results. With weekly 1-on-1 sessions, I’ll help you build a customized investment plan tailored to your needs.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I have had the opportunity to work with Paul on numerous deals. He has always been fair, honest, and met his contractual obligations. He is knowledgeable and well respected in the real estate investing community. I don’t think you could find a finer person to do a deal with.”
Kathie Reidel

“My family has had the good fortune of working with Paul on 3 separate deals and figured it’s about time to give to give him a public review.  I’ve been able to purchase two homes on assignment in Southwest Little Rock and one in Sherwood. The process was as quick and easy as it’s supposed to be. They found out what I was looking for, they found the properties that fit my needs, and they called me with the deal. We’ve closed all three as soon as my title company could get it done. I would suggest you give him a call.”
Thomas Chapin

“Thank you so much for your help. You have helped us so much and we truly appreciate it. You and your company are amazing and we are truly grateful.

From our entire family,
Thank you.”
Michael Fuchs

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will the coaching begin!
As soon as you want to start. I do all of the coaching personally. So it is possible that all slots are full. If this is the case you will be placed on a waiting list.
Will I be working with you or do you have other coaches?
I do all of the coaching sessions personally. This is a small, intimate community of serious real estate investors looking to level-up.
How often are the training sessions?
Group coaching sessions are weekly. I have a morning group and an evening group to accommodate people’s schedules. You can attend either one or both each week.

1-on-1 sessions are weekly and are scheduled based on availability.

How long are the coaching sessions?
Group coaching sessions are 1 hour each week. There are 2 sessions to choose from. You can choose to attend both if your schedule allows.

1-on-1 coaching sessions are 1 hour each week and ad hoc conversations as required to make offers, negotiate with sellers, and close deals.

Is there a time commitment or contract?
For Group Coaching there is a 6-month commitment. Payments are made monthly. You can continue the coaching as long as you need.

For 1-on-1 coaching, there is no contract commitment.

For all coaching, there is personal time commitment required by the student. You will get out of the coaching what you put into it.

What is your refund policy?
I offer a no-hassle refund policy to all clients within 30 days of your first month of coaching. If you are not satisfied with my advice, then simply send an email and your purchase will be refunded. My goal is to empower and educate you so that you can improve your investment game. If you are not thrilled with my advice or are not enjoying the experience, then we can part as friends with no hard feelings.
Can I upgrade my coaching after signing up?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. When you log in as a “group coaching” client you may level-up to “1-on-1 coaching” at any time. You can send me an email and I’ll send you instructions on how to upgrade.
I don't see my question here!
If you have questions that were not covered here, you can email them to paul@wincorehomes.com.

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