Listen in on an investing strategy session with my friend, agent, and investor Jamie Taylor
Jamie opens up about her limiting beliefs about money and accepts the challenge to take her investing to the next level.
Jamie is a rock star agent and jumps in the hot seat as she opens up about her limiting belief about money. She was raised in an environment of scarcity and was programmed with a fixed money mindset. Knowing this amazing woman you would never suspect this was a hang-up of hers. We all have something we’re working.
Jamie admits she hasn’t made offers on properties she knows, without a doubt, have tons of equity and can be rehabbed with her extensive network. She didn’t make an offer because she didn’t believe she had the money. She may not have the money but her network has money and would fall over themselves to lend, joint venture, or start a business venture with Jamie.
Jamie is hitting an Upper Limit Problem regarding money. That’s a concept introduced in the book by Gay Hendricks called The Big Leap. And Jamie is primed to make a big leap and destroy her Upper Limit Problem.
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