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Find a Mentor AND a Mastermind Group

How a true mentorship relationship can change everything for you and your business.

What a  mastermind group is and the benefits of being involved in a healthy mastermind group.

Always Invest In Yourself – Lead a Life of Your Design

In this episode, I discuss the concept of separating YOUR Time from YOUR Money. Make the switch in mindset to focus on investing your money for more time. If your job or business stopped paying you… would you still do it?


My Back Story – No More Corporate America – Life List

In this episode, I’ll share my back story and how I started my pathway to freedom out of being a corporate cog and the inspiration I found in creating BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS through a life list.


Episode Blogs

56. BRRRR Made Simple

The BRRRR method is an investing technique that is sweeping across the country. In David Greene's new book from Biggerpockets, he explains the process in a way that makes it marvelously simple. I know of no better place to get this strategy explained in more detail...

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55. Five Keys to Property Investing

To be a successful investor you need each of these 5 keys.   Know the rules of the game Know techniques for investing Have access to money Have access to deals Have a network of people to work with To see a specific example of a deal I did where I used each of...

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54. Compounding Essential Execution

Today I cover a mashup on content from several influential books in my life. Those books are: The Compound Effect by Darren HardyThe One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay PapasanEssentialism by Greg Mckeown 4 Disciplines of ExecutionDeep Work by Cal Newport* All links...

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53. Live An Exponential Life

53. Live An Exponential Life

Choose between two strategies in life. One is a Linear Life and the other is an Exponential Life. I share practical examples of how you can shift your thinking to live an Exponential Live.

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51. The Velocity of Money

I recap the 10 takeaways from my interview with Alex Felice from episode 50. 1. Education ramp-up time 2. Can't 401k your way to freedom in the short-term 3. Hard to buy a foreclosure with an FHA loan 4. Hack a House Hack using delayed financing 5. Being...

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47. 7 Lessons to Manifest Your Worthy Dreams

The lessons about money, mindset and lifestyle design I gleaned from speaking with Lindsay Walsh. Get started and Max it out Maximize legal tax sheltering Learn to Manage Your Own Money Revel in the Confidence of your Competence Embrace the Emotional Component of...

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43. Fire Your Boss

Are you fed up working so many hours? Are you sick and tired of being yanked around by corporate politics? Are you ready to take control of your life and FIRE your boss? I explain the EXACT roadmap I used so you can replace your income tell Corporate America to shove...

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