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Find a Mentor AND a Mastermind Group

How a true mentorship relationship can change everything for you and your business.

What a  mastermind group is and the benefits of being involved in a healthy mastermind group.

Always Invest In Yourself – Lead a Life of Your Design

In this episode, I discuss the concept of separating YOUR Time from YOUR Money. Make the switch in mindset to focus on investing your money for more time. If your job or business stopped paying you… would you still do it?


My Back Story – No More Corporate America – Life List

In this episode, I’ll share my back story and how I started my pathway to freedom out of being a corporate cog and the inspiration I found in creating BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS through a life list.


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[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”] We’ve all heard it before… “Your home is your biggest investment!” Er… nope, sorry it’s actually your biggest expense. But don’t feel bad because of it. Just recognize the fact so you aren’t convinced to buy a bigger house because it’s an investment. And maybe, consider some alternatives to turn your house into a profit center or at least reduce your expenses. Total Cost of Home Ownership
[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”] So now let me give you specific use case of someone I know and they are using real estate investments to invest in their future and create financial independence A young couple fresh out of college with $35K of debt, a big car payment, and 2 jobs they don’t like and looking to become financially independent and retire early by age 30. (What could they do) Well, they’re young
[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”] Exploring which real estate investing strategy is best suited for you? This is a really important topic because the term “real estate investing” is a vast topic that has dozens, if not hundreds of specialties. In episode 3 I talked about the continuum that real estate investing spans. It can be heavy on the business side or lean more toward being an investment. The most well-known method is “Flipping”
[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”]Today I’m talking about the primary category of choices the average person/family has when it’s time to invest. The 3 big broad categories are the Stock market vs. real estate vs. starting a business. What should you invest in?  There are promoters of all of these and they’ll each tout the benefits of each. What should YOU do? I’m comparing and contrasting what I think are your three best choices. You
[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”] Download Episode This week I’m going to be talking more about my personal story and how I how figured out how to break free of the matrix. How I started investing to ultimately create more time. You see I don’t have a day job anymore. I spend most of my energy now working on projects that fulfill my purpose. But this is not some get rich quick scheme. This
[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”top” theme=”custom”] Download Episode   This show is all about the mindset and mechanics of how to achieve financial independence through investing and will focus primarily on real estate. Today we’re going to set the stage and talk mindset. I want to help you make a switch in mindset from thinking about exchanging your time for money to investing your money for time If your job or business stopped paying you…