Life List

Live a Life of Your Design!

This is much like a bucket list but I prefer the term “life list” because I’m focused on living a fulfilled life. A life of my dreams and of my design. This is my current list of one-day/some-day items I really want to do. This is a living document that will change over time. I’ll cross items off as I accomplish them. Some things will drop off and others will be added as I change as a person.

The point is to find inspiration in Big!  Hairy!  Audacious!  Goals!

I encourage you to start one of your own. If you do start a life list, tell me about it and I’ll link to it. Have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously. This isn’t a strict to-do list. A life list is about discovering your passion and your purpose.


Pick 1 to 3 things each year and make your intention to complete each of them. Never Quit Your Dreams!

  1. Quit my day job – CHECK (it technically quit me, but I was happy about it)
  2. Travel to Costa Rica for 2 weeks with family – Check, Spectacular experience during Spring Break 2018.
  3. Become a black belt in Brazilian jujitsu
  4. Take flying lessons – get a pilot license
  5. Live in a Scandinavian country for a month
  6. Never, ever have a traditional 9-5 job again – Take that corporate America 😉
  7. Be involved in an investment deal in all 50 states
  8. Launch a podcast – CHECK, launched in January 2018
  9. Start a coaching company and empower others to create their freedom – Launched Summer 2018
  10. Inspire 10 people to create and publish their life list (several submissions… a few more to go)
  11. Start a title company
  12. rent/lease an RV and drive across the US during the summer when my kids are on summer vacation
  13. Learn to speak Spanish (at least basic conversational level)
  14. Own 40 residential rentals free and clear
  15. Host classes on personal development – Underway with local meetup group Self Directed Investors
  16. Become an accomplished public speaker – Underway… much work to do here…
  17. Be on a podcast every month and talk Real estate investment and personal development – Underway …
  18. Visit 80 countries before I die – 5 down, 75 to go (US, Mexico, France, UK, Costa Rica and way more to go)
  19. Learn to become a strong swimmer where I’m comfortable and confident in the water (doggie paddle doesn’t count)
  20. Learn to scuba dive
  21. Help fund a charity
  22. Host events to educate, empower and enrich other investors to realize their dreams (serious thoughts happening for 2019)
  23. Have a vacation rental in 10 of my favorite cities – Madison, WI has been added as a potential after visiting July 2018
  24. Snowbird and rent an Airbnb in Madison, WI during the summer – in consideration for Summer in the near future
  25. Be able to pay all cash for college for both of my children
  26. Have a lake house as a secondary residence (Greers Ferry or Lake Ouachita)
  27. Have a Christmas house on a lake in the Ozarks to ponder the next year between Christmas and new year
  28. Own an airplane
  29. Make a documentary about how to think differently, challenge conventions, inspire people to think for themselves
  30. Get rid of 90% or more of my personal possessions (i.e. live a minimalist life)
  31. Visit the great wall of China
  32. Have good friends on 6 continents and visit each of them (sorry Antartica, penguins aren’t worth it)
  33. Start a local microbrewery
  34. Start a winery
  35. Learn chi-gong
  36. Become a yogi
  37. Meditate daily for 1 year
  38. Develop the habit to exercise 6 days a week for the rest of my life
  39. Learn German (at least conversationally)
  40. Attend personal development classes every other month (6 a year) – Ongoing since 2015
  41. Attend a Tony Robbins Event – Done, did the firewalk, got the t-shirt 😉 UPW Chicago in July 2018.
  42. Have my kids achieve financial freedom on their own before 25
  43. Meet great thinkers of our time
  44. Attain and maintain fitness level of a 20-year-old
  45. Sustain a healthy whole food plant-based diet
  46. Have a learning institute to develop entrepreneurs and investors
  47. Create an institute for young children to grow and contribute to the community
  48. Play chess or game of skill every day
  49. Hire a professional nutrition coach
  50. Hire a professional chef to prepare delicious and  nutritious plant-based meals
  51. Host parties to develop community and nourish their bodies with whole food plant-based cuisine
  52. Have a personal trainer to push my physical development
  53. Go to space and see Earth from space
  54. Speak at a TEDx talk
  55. Become an accomplished juggler
  56. Go on an African safari
  57. Fund an orphanage and school for children who would otherwise never get an education
  58. Start a reading institute in the US that focuses on developing a love of reading to under served communities
  59. Create a start-up business school for minorities, ex-convicts, and new entrepreneurs
  60. Become a beacon of business development in Little Rock
  61. Create a publishing company for artists and authors to share their work
  62. Start a custodian company in Little Rock for self-directed investing
  63. Visit all of the islands in the Caribbean
  64. Grow my net worth 10x in 5 years
  65. Develop enough passive income that I focus my energy on my passions regardless of compensation (100% true financial independence)
  66. Establish a true, meaningful set of financial friends in a mastermind format
  67. Start my own paid mastermind for help Real Estate investors take their lives and their investments to the next levelLaunched July 2018
  68. Find an ultimate Real Estate Investor mastermind and be worthy of joining it
  69. Create a hedge fund for real estate investing
  70. Remove all debt from my life by 50 and never borrow money again
  71. Start a scholarship program at UofA and UALR for students who fit the criteria I was in (good grades, average SAT/ACTS, and good students)
  72. Take voice lessons to be able to sing even one little bit
  73. Finish a 5k
  74. Compete in a sprint triathlon
  75. Go fly fishing in Patagonia
  76. Take a 1-month vacation completely unplugged from the working world
  77. Create a YouTube channel and post consistently for 1 year
  78. Visit New Zealand
  79. Raise $100,000 for an amazing charity
  80. Become a master at raising money for business, charity, etc
  81. Study photography
  82. Become an accomplished video/audio technophile
  83. Write and publish a book that inspires people (published Escape in April 2019)
  84. Help a friend tick off an epic item on their bucket list
  85. Empower 25 people/couples to quit their day jobs and live a life of their design
  86. Visit the Pacific Northwest
  87. Visit the New England states
  88. Create a “how many states have I visited tracker” with my kids
  89. Go to Hawaii
  90. Go to Alaska
  91. Wake up before 5 am 6 months in a row
  92. Go to bed by 10 pm 6 months in a row
  93. Take surfing lessons
  94. Go skiing and don’t hurt myself
  95. Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary with Lucy
  96. Live to 90 while being vibrant and control of my own faculties
  97. Inspire an audience so profoundly they demand a standing applause
  98. Read and document every book I read ( >25 a year)
  99. Become a speed reader to the point where I can read a book a day
  100. Start a project with each of my children that inspires them and lasts their lifetime
  101. Be able to do 100 pushups without stopping
  102. Be able to do 15 legitimate pull-ups without stopping
  103. Have healthy, happy grandchild(ren) that I’m a major part of their life
  104. Live in another country for 6 months
  105. Allow Lucy to live without any worry for money so she can enjoy her books, cozy fires, and donate to charities of her choosing
  106. Host block party in our neighborhood
  107. Host parties without concern for money, great food, activities for children, and enable people to connect and engage with each other
  108. Build community in my circles of influence