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This week I’m going to be talking more about my personal story and how I how figured out how to break free of the matrix. How I started investing to ultimately create more time. You see I don’t have a day job anymore.

I spend most of my energy now working on projects that fulfill my purpose. But this is not some get rich quick scheme. This is a journey that has several steps along the way.

Allow me to rewind the clock a little and give you my back story so you have some context. I’m a computer engineer by training and worked at fortune 500 companies in my career.

I followed the standard advice. And that was to get an education. Go to college. I was fortunate because I always liked school. But the problem was that’s all the plan I had. My plan was to a get a job. When I got a job my planning had come to an end.

I worked my way into the working world. I put the blinders on to the matrix. I found the good parts of the working world and endured the bad parts.

I’d built my entire lifestyle around earning a 6 figure income. I wasn’t really in control. I was trapped in the matrix. It’s all around us. it isn’t that bad but it sure isn’t freedom.

I started really doing some soul searching. What else could I do so that wasn’t in this trap any longer. How could I engineer an escape plan?

I started digging and considered doing something on my own or buying a franchise. I couldn’t help but feel I would just be buying another job. After more research, I was reminded of the thought that I could go into real estate investing.

I read every book I could find on real estate investing, I listened to podcasts, and I attended seminars. It was time to strap in and get into the game. I found a mentor and over the span of 18 months I bought 18 rentals properties.

The first book my mentor had me read was The Richest Man in Babylon

What I want you to take from this, is that you can do this, too. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or already have a few deals under your belt. You can absolutely improve your situation by investing in yourself and investing in real estate.

Ready Investor One Credo
You’re invited to meet your future.
You can prepare to meet your future ready to play
Or be caught blindsided unprepared to play the game.
investor one: the choice is yours
You are in control. You are the hero.