Avoid the competition by finding off-market deals with little to no money
My recommended plan to find real estate deals when you’re first getting started is two-fold
  1. Determine your monthly marketing budget
  2. Choose a marketing method – Your budget will help determine what marketing method you can afford

Low-Cost Marketing Methods

  • Networking
  • Driving For Dollars
  • Door Knocking
  • Work with Wholesalers
  • Making Cold Calls

Basic Script/Framework

  • “Hi My name is [Name], I saw your ad. Is your property still available?” If yes continue
  • “Okay great your property is still available. Did I catch you at a bad time?” If no continue
  • “Good Deal, I saw the pics online or I’m familiar with that area. It’s a fantastic neighborhood. I’m so curious .. why are you selling such a nice house anyway?” Shush….be quiet… Listen with your ears, not your mouth. Is there motivation?
  • “What can you tell me about the place?” An open-ended question to keep the conversation going
  • “Oh I see, I understand. What was it you were asking again?” Gently transition to pricing with an open question
  • “Fantastic! You’re asking $###K. If it were to be appraised today what would it appraise for?” Confirm, repeat what they said and direct conversation with a question
  • “Okay great, you believe it’ll appraise for $###K. What are you realistically needing for the property?” This is where it counts. Reinforce Realistically…
  • If they won’t come off their price by 15% on the phone then say “Okay great you’ll sell your house to me for $###K. Do you have an email address where I can send you an offer so I can buy your house?” Be gentle, sincere and genuine and always reinforce their statements
  • If they came down 15% or more on the phone then say “Okay the best you can do is $###K, when are you available for me to come to view the property and buy your house?”

Episode Challenge: Talk to 5 sellers in the next 5 days using these marketing methods and try out the script