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Find a Mentor AND a Mastermind Group

How a true mentorship relationship can change everything for you and your business.

What a  mastermind group is and the benefits of being involved in a healthy mastermind group.

Always Invest In Yourself – Lead a Life of Your Design

In this episode, I discuss the concept of separating YOUR Time from YOUR Money. Make the switch in mindset to focus on investing your money for more time. If your job or business stopped paying you… would you still do it?


My Back Story – No More Corporate America – Life List

In this episode, I’ll share my back story and how I started my pathway to freedom out of being a corporate cog and the inspiration I found in creating BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS through a life list.


Episode Blogs

63. Granny Hacking with Elizabeth Ralph Part 2

In Episode 63 I continue my conversation with Elizabeth Ralph and we discuss an opportunity she is seeing in her market that could potentially be used in other markets.  You have to be able to find your "in" to the current market and this is a possibility I'm...

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60. 5 Ways to Overcome the Overwhelm

In episode 60 I share 5 ways to overcome the chaos of modern life and focus on getting done what matters most to you. 1. Define specific, short-term deadlines 2. Pareto the Tasks 3. Trust Your Gut 4. Develop The Habit of Finishing 5. Practice Quitting

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57. 10 Things Every Investor Should Buy

10 Things Every Investor Should Buy Services 1. Term life insurance Knowledge 2. Library card 3. Read 1 hour a day  4. Mentor or coaching Assets 5. Pay yourself first 6. Personal Residence - make it an asset 7. liquid assets - index fund 8. rental property...

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